Make Your Advertising Strategy More Social With Amazon Posts

The Amazon marketplace continues to grow and with it is the competition for sellers. 

Amazon currently has 6.4 total million sellers worldwide; 1.5 million sellers are active while the others don’t have any live product listings. 

And so far, in 2021, 524,000 new sellers have joined the world’s leading ecommerce marketplace. In such a growing and competitive environment, brands are taking advantage of new features rolled out by Amazon to promote their products.

Amazon Posts, a new advertising feature, is an effective and powerful tool to improve your product’s visibility. Posts are still in the beta stage and are likely to evolve and gain new features as Amazon continues to test additional components to its suite of features, including the recent Amazon Live and Brand Follow.

How Do Amazon Posts Work

Mimicking the look and feel of Instagram, Amazon Posts are product-based images that offer shoppers a scrollable shopping experience. Each Post is given a caption feature and is tied to one or more ASINs.  

And there are several places your Posts may appear: On your brand’s listings (product page carousels), on your competitor’s listings, related Posts feed, and feeds of products in related categories. You actually cannot choose where your Posts appear. That’s up to Amazon’s algorithm.

Why Should Your Brand Participate In Amazon Posts

  • Posts Are Free. First, and most importantly, Posts are free for Amazon Brand Registry sellers. If your marketing team is already creating content for your other social platforms, it’s simple and somewhat obvious to repurpose the content into your Amazon advertising strategy. 
  • Amazon Platform Branding Tool. Posts are a great way to build and sustain your brand presence on Amazon along with increasing customer engagement.
  • Data & Insights Into Your Customers. Amazon Posts features a dashboard with engagement metrics for all your Posts. Views, clicks, and more– these baseline metrics will provide you with helpful insights into your upcoming advertising strategies. 
  • No limits. There is currently no limit to the amount of content/posts your brand creates.

Amazon Posts Format and Functionality

Your Amazon Posts will contain 5 customizable elements.

  1. Profile Banner. Your brand name and logo will be displayed here.
  2. Custom Image. The main component of your Post. Brand-provided images that demonstrate your product features and help tell your brand story.
  3. “Show product” icon. A tappable link that will hide or reveal a product card. The product card will display details about the product features such as price, star rating, and Prime eligibility.
  4. Caption text. Custom captions that let you highlight product features or communicate additional details. This is also a great place to emphasize your brand and display a call to action.
  5. Category tags. Your Post will be auto-tagged by Amazon by relevant product categories. Shoppers can click on a category tag and be taken to a vertical feed of Posts relevant to the chosen category tag.

Guidelines and Requirements for Amazon Posts:

When creating Posts, it’s important to follow Amazon’s Posts Content Guidelines and Acceptance Policies. To successfully submit a Post, the following content guidelines must be followed:

  1. File Format: JPG or PNG
  2. Maximum Filesize: 100MB
  3. Resolution: 640×640 pixels or larger
  4. Animation is not permitted.

Amazon Posts Creative Tips

Standing out from your competition on Amazon can be difficult. Here are 3 tips we’ve found successful to create engaging Posts:

  1. Always place the product front and center in every image. The product is the selling point and should be as noticeable as possible when first glancing at the photo. 
  2. Place the featured product next to lifestyle imagery relating to that product. This helps the viewer connect with the product and visualize how it will be used in the user’s lifestyle. 
  3. Keep it fun! Treat it like a social media feed. You wouldn’t stop your scroll for a dull, muted image. Colors and engaging lifestyle images help.

Amazon Post Examples

Below are live Amazon Posts the A3 Creative Team has created that follow our creative tips above. We hope these inspire you.

Amazon Post Featuring Product
Amazon Post Showing Lifestyle
Amazon Post Keeping It Fun

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