FrictionLabs New Market Penetration Leads To Increase Sales

FrictionLabs, the new standard in chalk, needed a holistic partner to help them break into new markets and grow their business on Amazon. Having tackled climbing chalk and securing top ranking positions across their catalog, the next step for FL was to look at new market opportunities to increase sales. Prior to Aisle3 FrictionLabs primarily sold in the climbing category.

Aisle3 has been instrumental in helping us navigate the Amazon landscape. When many companies started to see sales drop during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Aisle3 helped us rapidly iterate on new products focused around home workouts, and break into new categories. Expanding our customer base has led to crucial YOY increases in revenue.

Keah Kalantari | Co-founder | FrictionLabs


  • Researched & recommended new categories for growth
  • Launched Weightlifting & Gymnastics categories
  • Implemented copy & SEO keyword mapping around new categories
  • Created A+ content & multi-page brand storefront
  • Overhauled advertising campaigns to focus on new customer acquisition
  • Launched new products to supplement catalog during Covid-19 lockdown
  • Launched international Amazon marketplaces including Canada and Mexico


Over the course of 2 SOAR Cycles, FrictionLabs has become the top selling chalk company on Amazon. Additionally, by implementing new categories beyond climbing, FrictionLabs now speaks to a larger customer base and topline sales are up 60% YOY.

☑ 60% Increase in Top Line Sales

☑ 131% Increase in Storefront CVR

☑ 45% Increase Total CVR


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