3 Surprisingly Hot Amazon Product Categories

One of the perks of looking under the hood of a lot of Amazon businesses is you get insight into what’s trending.

Here are three of the most surprising trends that I’ve seen materialize lately.

1. Home gardening and more specifically; “propagation stations”.

These are essentially planters made from glass tubes filled with water rather than soil.

By now, almost everyone has upgraded the interior of their home in one way or another. These plant accessories are a unique spin on greenery and bound to impress on your next zoom call.

2.  Flowers, and more specifically “preserved flowers’.

Staying with the plants theme here and because Valentines Day is just around the corner, I couldn’t skip this white hot trend.

If one were to have a Pinterest board dedicated to interior design you’d be hard pressed to avoid getting recommended dried flowers at some point.

Whether you are hypoallergenic or just incapable of keeping houseplants alive like myself this is clearly a popular alternative. 

3. Kitchen supplies and more specifically, “gooseneck kettles”.

Obviously the theme here is people upgrading their living spaces.

If you’re looking to step up your coffee game, personally, I would suggest Nespresso, but for all you pour over fanatics this seems to be a trend that isn’t going away.

While not on board this trend myself, I will say that popular gooseneck kettle maker “Fellow” did a fantastic job on their Amazon presence. Everything from their store front, to product descriptions, to imagery is all extremely well done. This is a company to model if you’re looking for inspiration, and notice how it shows in their reviews.

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