Is It Absurd That Amazon Could Be Worth $3T by 2025?

Today the headlines read Jeff Bezos’ net worth jumps $13B in a single day. 

Last week we looked at how big online retail is getting given the accelerated digital adoption because of Coronavirus. 

I made the argument that DOUBLING the amount of US retail sales done through e-commerce is not only inevitable but likely to happen even faster than the previously predicted ~2023.

That point is not overly controversial, we all see the shift happening. 

However, what yesterday’s 8% bump in Amazon’s stock and insane $13B inflation of Jeff Bezos’ wealth means is a lot harder to fathom. 

Amazon crossed the $1T mark two years ago in September.

In 2016 Chamath Palihapitiya (early employee at Facebook and investor in Slack, Intercom, Palantir, and others) predicted they would hit $3T by 2025, with $1T of that being made up by retail their retail business. 

Is It Absurd That Amazon Could Be Worth $3T by 2025?

Well, at 112m current Prime members and $1.6T valuation, they’re already halfway there… 

For context, if they did double their existing retail business and their sales represented GDP, they would be one of the 25 biggest countries in the world. So is it absurd to think that Amazon could be worth $3T? I don’t think so.

Needless to say if you think you’ve missed the boat with Amazon or you’ve saturated demand in your market on the platform, that’s probably not true.ite or reach out directly.

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