Barrie House Coffee Roaster’s Revenue SOARS During Prime Day 2021.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 was the biggest event-to-date for the eCommerce giant. More deals than ever brought record sales and significant growth, especially for small businesses and third-party sellers.

Barrie House, a family-owned coffee roaster, has been producing fair-trade, organic coffee for the past 80 years. Barrie House first launched on Amazon in 2016; 3rd party retailers and Amazon 1P sales captured most of their sales, leaving Barrie House with little control over their brand and account.

Kicking off our partnership with Barrie House in January 2020, Aisle3 was able to help Barrie House relaunch and optimize its entire catalog; recapturing ownership of its Amazon inventory. Over several SOAR Cycles, Barrie House has become a powerful seller on Amazon– expanding its market share and launching an entirely new line of products.

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Prime Day 2021 was a perfect opportunity for Barrie House to maximize sales over the course of the two-day event. Aisle3 created a bespoke Prime Day strategy around the use of Amazon Attribution, Prime Exclusive Deals (PEDs), Lightning Deals, and increased ad budgets to turn Prime Day 2021 into Barrie House’s single largest sales period to date.

“Aisle3 has played such a significant role in the growth of our brand since Day 1. Their team approach to our Amazon business has given me back time to focus on Barrie House’s long-term growth. The meticulous planning months in advance and working directly with our marketing team to ensure Prime Day was a success for us definitely shows through our sales with 2021 Prime Day being historically our highest sales to date.”

John Fallon | Chief Marketing Officer, Barrie House


  • Developed a Prime Day strategy with Amazon’s new algorithm, A10, top-of-mind. We utilized our internal findings around A10 to know what behaviors the new algorithm was favoring to sellers and strategized accordingly.
  • Partnered with Barrie House’s internal marketing team to incorporate Amazon attribution into their outbound marketing strategy leading up to Prime Day.
  • Combined Prime Day Exclusive Deals with Prime Day Lightning Deals. Aggressively increasing ad budgets during the two-day event.
  • Optimized scale and efficiency every 2-hours throughout Prime Day 2021.


☑ 8.3X average Increase in Daily Sales

☑ 16.1X Increase 2lb Whole Bean Daily Units Sold

☑ 12% Decrease in TACoS


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