One Sentence Persuasion Course From Jeff Bezos’ Letter To The Judiciary Committee

In 2005 Blair Warren wrote a book called “The One Sentence Persuasion Course”. Fair warning, this is not our typical update on retail trends and e-commerce. This past week has offered the rare opportunity of a second written document from Jeff Bezos in a calendar year and I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect […]

Adage 2020 Fact Pack– 3 Surprising Takeaways

Earlier this month the AdAge 2020 Fact Pack was published with data on the 200 leading advertisers in the United States, and while your ad budget might not be in the billions there are still valuable insights. Adage 2020 Fact Pack Takeaway 1 – Amazon is the biggest advertiser in the United States. This might not be […]

Is It Absurd That Amazon Could Be Worth $3T by 2025?

Today the headlines read Jeff Bezos’ net worth jumps $13B in a single day.  Last week we looked at how big online retail is getting given the accelerated digital adoption because of Coronavirus.  I made the argument that DOUBLING the amount of US retail sales done through e-commerce is not only inevitable but likely to happen even […]

How Big Can Online Retail Get?

In Q2 US GDP dropped an estimated 35.5% (for context in 1932 GDP contracted “only” 12.9%) …meanwhile online retail stocks continue to soar higher. Of course, Amazon has other business units that contribute to revenue growth (AWS, Ads) but it makes you wonder, is it even possible for these companies to live up to these growth expectations?  Or […]

Could the Walmart and Shopify Partnership be Disastrous for Amazon Sellers?

It’s no secret Amazon’s third-party seller business has been growing…but you may be surprised at how fast. In a 2018 Investor letter, Jeff Bezos shares data on Gross Merchandise Sales from third-party sellers going from 3-58%. They’ve added over a million (1,029,528) new sellers so far this year alone! For perspective, there are over 140,000 Amazon sellers in […]