7 Surprising Facts From The Current State of The Amazon Marketplace

Last May Feedvisor put out their annual state of the Amazon marketplace report and while a lot has happened in the world of e-commerce since then, there are still some interesting takeaways. 

  1. Opportunity in pricing.

Only 36% of sellers are using automatic repricing software but 90% of those sellers reported it being helpful to their business. 

  1. Sellers are looking for help. 

58% of sellers agreed they need help managing their Amazon operation which makes sense as 69% reported having 1-2 people managing their account. 

  1. Sellers are listing on multiple marketplaces. 

Shockingly over half of Amazon sellers are also listing their products on Ebay and only 13% are focusing their undivided attention on Amazon. 

  1. Amazon sellers are going global. 

45% of retailers surveyed are already selling into other countries and a surprising 23% are planning to add new marketplaces this year. 

  1. Sellers are starting to leverage social media. 

At least 46% of Amazon sellers surveyed said they are promoting their products via social media and 32% are doing some form of search marketing outside of Amazon. 

  1. Bid optimization software is another opportunity. 

Only 32% of sellers are using bid optimization software to optimize their ads. 

  1. One common area for improvement. 

More than half of surveyed sellers listed strategic advertising as the area of their business they wanted to improve the most. 

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