3 Insider Predictions For Amazon Sellers In 2021

As we round out 2020, here are three things to think about while planning your sales and marketing roadmap for 2021. 

1. How to Leverage Amazon Posts. 

Walmart and Shopify are arguably Amazon’s biggest competitors, both of whom inked deals with social networks this year. 

In previous posts, I’ve talked about Walmart’s partnership with TikTok and Shopify partnering with Facebook to launch branded “Shops”. 

In response, Amazon relaunched its social effort with “Posts” in September. 

Amazon Posts allows businesses to create their own brand pages. This is in contrast to their previous social product, Spark, which was more consumer-driven. 

It’s important to note these Posts currently only appear site-wide to customers in the United States on mobile devices.

Our bet is this feature gets special treatment from Amazon. Consequently, if you’re a brand that dedicates resources to creating high customer engagement on your posts page, you’ll likely see significant organic distribution.

2. How to Better Leverage Personalization In Your Sales Funnel

Outsiders will tell you that Amazon sellers typically drop the ball on personalization because it doesn’t matter. The speed of service and convenience of buying on Amazon more than makes up for it.

Our question is, why not do both? 

Why not treat your customers like individuals AND give them the convenience of buying through the Amazon fulfillment network?

If you’re not sure where to start with personalization, there are a lot of good ideas listed here, or click the button below and reach out to me directly to discuss your specific use case. 

3. Buy Now Pay Later on Amazon

2020 has been a perfect storm for BNPL. 

Many consumers were forced to make an increasing number of expensive purchases online. 

Whether that was finding at-home workout equipment or furniture to upgrade their home office, it wasn’t uncommon for individuals to be spending thousands on items they’ve never seen in person. 

A perfect example of this is Peloton who provides payment plans on their bikes.

Given the craze around Affirm’s IPO (the BNPL option on the Peloton site) and the number of other competitors popping up including; Klarna, Afterpay, Split, etc. we expect this trend to continue. 

In the United States, Amazon also offers the ability for customers to pay in 5 monthly installments with 0% interest. 

We suspect as competition heats up and consumers have the ability to pay for things monthly at 0% interest on almost any brand store, Amazon will make this option more readily available. 

This will consequently lead to consumers being more comfortable spending larger amounts and brands to package their products into bundles. 

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